#134 – Mohammed Alsaleh | Tedx Stanley Park Speaker

During his final years of Med school, Mohammed Alsaleh was forced to flee Syria after surviving imprisonment and torture by the Assad regime for his involvement in the peaceful Syrian uprising. Fleeing to neighboring Lebanon, he had lost all hope facing hardships of forced displacement until his hope was restored by Canada. In 2014, he was offered a new opportunity in life as one of the first 28 Syrian refugee arrivals ever resettled in BC. Since then, Mohammed has been building a new life in Metro Vancouver while resuming his activism as a public speaker and volunteer at various public engagements, raising awareness and helping other newcomers settle in Canada. He currently serves as a Refugee Resettlement worker with Immigrant Services Society of BC. His journey from Syria to Canada and his work with refugees was featured in the documentary “Welcome to Canada”.

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Host: Andy Zaremba IG @AndyZaremba

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