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5. Journey to Employment – Daniel Gutierrez Video


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This is one of a series of educational videos produced by the Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA) to help internationally educated immigrants find careers in agriculture, agri-food and agri-science in Ontario. Supported by the Ontario Government, the “Bridging to Employment” project can help you to compete in the job search market.  

My name is Daniel Gutierrez.
I came to Canada from Venezuela in 2002.
In Venezuela I graduated from Rafael Urdaneta University with a B.Sc. in Animal Science.
I also completed two years of an MBA Program.

I have strong agricultural background. In Venezuela,
I worked in a feed manufacturing plant as a researcher and feeding formulator. I also operated a 1,500 acre dairy and beef family business and managed and operated a 40,000 broiler poultry farm.

It was a struggle when I first moved to Canada. Not only did I have to adapt to a new culture, I had to learn a new language in order to find a job. To make ends meet I took on several jobs including cleaning, construction and gardening.
In 2003, I moved to Guelph and worked at a local beef processing plant for three years.

While in Canada I have upgraded my education with several specialized courses in business and agriculture.
I also earned a post-graduate degree from Mohawk College in International Business Management.

In 2006, I became a member of the Ontario Institute of Agrologists. They showed me how to develop a resume and a cover letter. They also gave me the opportunity to network and make valuable contacts at workshops and conferences.

For two years I attended English language classes, professionalism and ethics workshops and other courses that were required to earn a Professional Agrologist designation. I also had my education credentials assessed by World Education Services, proving that my education is equivalent to that of a Canadian university.

The Ontario Institute of Agrologists gave me the opportunity to attend a Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment program, or PLAR where I developed my career portfolio. I had to carefully manage my time in order to complete the 12 week PLAR process that summer in 2007.
I was playing on a soccer team and ending my post graduate program.

I completed my career portfolio and I’m very satisfied with the results. It includes my education, work experience, resume and cover letter, references, work samples, business cards, awards and any certificates that would be valuable at a job interview.

The portfolio is a great asset to have on hand. It shows that I am a quality candidate and it demonstrates that I am well organized, eager and have transferral skills that can apply to many roles.

My first job in the Ontario agriculture sector was a direct result of my career portfolio. I attended a job fair where I met the CEO of an agricultural company. When I showed him my portfolio he was so impressed that he immediately asked me to come for an interview. My role at the company was a dairy sales and nutritional advisor.

Since then I have continued to advance my career with support from the Ontario Institute of Agrologists and in 2008 I earned my designation as a Professional Agrologist. As a Professional Agrologist I am now one of 10,000 licensed practitioners across Canada who are recognized for their professionalism and their commitment to protecting the public interest. If I am given the opportunity to relocate, my professional designation is recognized in every province in the country.

My name is Daniel Gutierrez and I am a Professional Agrologist.

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