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A Career in Teaching – Secondary School Teacher (JTJS52010)


Daniel from Onslow College is along to check out the 150th career profiled on Just the Job when he spends a day on the other side of the classroom situation learning the ropes of a secondary school teacher.

Joining science and biology teacher Matthew Easterbrook at Wellington High School, Daniel is quickly into the classroom and observing the first of five classes for the day, a year nine science class. He needs to watch carefully because the next class, he’s going to be the teacher!

Matthew explains the role of a secondary school teacher has changed over the years from being teacher dominated to allowing students to learn in the way that works best for them. If the teacher is passionate about the subject, this will engage students and they’ll enjoy it too, he says.

Following a year 13 biology class, Daniel joins a year 11 physics class where forces are being investigated. To demonstrate how powerful different forces can be, a tug of war experiment is set up between the students with an interesting result.

It’s all part of a day in the life of a secondary school teacher and leaves Daniel with a much better appreciation of his own teachers back at Onslow College.

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