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What Is PR Canada ?

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries.

A person in Canada temporarily, like a student or foreign worker, is not a permanent resident.

Refugees who are resettled from overseas become permanent residents through the Government-Assisted Refugee Program or the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program.

Someone who makes a refugee claim in Canada does not become a permanent resident at that time. To become one, the Immigration and Refugee Board must first approve their claim. Then, they must apply for and get permanent resident status.

Your PR card can be used to show that you have permanent resident status in Canada. If you travel outside Canada, you will need to show your card and your passport when you come back on a commercial vehicle, like an airplane, boat, train or bus.

PR traveling outside Canada who do not have a valid PR card, or who are not carrying it, need to apply for a permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada by commercial vehicle.

What permanent residents can do ??

As a permanent resident, you have the right to:

1.Get most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including
health care coverage,, work or study anywhere in Canada,
3.apply for Canadian citizenship, under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedoms.

Tips for preparing your Permanent Residency Application

1. Identify which program(s) you may be eligible for.

2. Consider getting advice and/or representation from an expert.

3. Gather documentation in advance, even if you haven’t been asked to submit it yet.

4. Double-check, then triple-check.

5.Follow the checklist.

6. Be complete and accurate.

7. Keep track of expiry dates.

8.Don’t leave gaps in time.

9.Tell IRCC of any change in circumstances.

10.Never lie when pursuing permanent residency.

12. Keep copies of your documents.

13.Communicate with others in the same position

As a Permanent Resident, you cannot:
Vote or run for political office.
Hold certain jobs that have a high-level security clearance requirement.
Remain in Canada if you are convicted of a serious criminal offence and have been told to leave the country.
Your permanent resident status allows you to live in Canada, but there is also a time limit on how long you can live outside the country. To keep you status as a permanent resident, you must live in Canada for at least two years within a five-year period.

You can lose your Permanent Resident status
There are several ways you could lose your permanent resident status:

You could lose your Permanent Resident status if you do not meet the residency obligation. For example, if you are outside of Canada for more than three years within a five-year period.
If you are convicted of a serious crime, you may lose your status and be deported from Canada.
You also lose your permanent resident status when you become a Canadian citizen.

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