How to get PR Visa to Canada Express Entry

Canada Visa Immigration From Pakistan


Most of our clients from Pakistan always ask to upload informative videos in Urdu, so we are uploading this video for there info.

We don’t comment on any other consulting agencies so it is against our conduct. we don’t have enough time to comment or judge other people how they are working as we have to deal around the globe so if you are looking to get through us to Canada let us know.
We are legit company based in Canada.

Here is the process to check our Member ship on (IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS OF CANADA REGULATORY COUNCIL)

1-Go to our website (
2-Click on (about us)
3-Copy Member ICCRC # (R509299)
4-Open in new tab (
5-Past our member ship number at (RCIC# Box)
6-Watch the detail on the official site of (ICCRC)
7-Re open our website click on contact us button and check both details.
Skype is a professional way.
We don’t provide such information like WhatsApp imo etc which can be used privately NASC don’t use these communication mediums. We only use skype and official Landline number.

Ph :+1 501 205 0180

Skype in English : nasctoronto
Skype in French : nascfrance
Skype in Urdu/Hindi : nascindopak

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