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CAREERS IN B.Sc PHYSICS – M.Sc,DEGREE,Job Opportunities,Salary Package


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If you are a science student, you must know the importance of physics. It is not only one of the most vital branches of this field but also a very popular subject among students. Before you are about to start your career in physics, do know that it can be a challenge at times to learn this subject. But physics isnt as difficult as some of you might think.
There are several branches that fall under this category. Some take an interest in astrophysics as it involves the physical and chemical properties of astronomy and the material objects located outside the surface of our planet. Others choose Cosmology as it focuses on the study of creation, composition and progression of space and time of the universe. There are three other branches in physics too such as plasma physics, magnetism and fluid mechanics. Plasma physics consists of the study of materials present in the plasma phase whereas magnetism is about the reaction, response of physical structures in terms of their setting and location in space. Finally fluid mechanics is about the research of properties and reactions of matter in a fluid state.
The branches of physics don’t end here. There are several other departments such as Quantum Physics, Space Physics and Acoustics. Students who would are keen on choosing physics as a career should choose a branch before proceeding further. If you are in your first year in college studying physics as an honours subject, you should be aware of the career opportunities that come with BSC physics. You could choose any of the following
• Teaching in high school or elementary school.
• Technician in the laboratory, whether it is government or industry
• Salesperson for handling technical industries
• Studying meteorology
• Computer programming
• Several technical jobs are available such as operating electrical power plant operator, monitoring radiation and operating scientific instruments.
Other jobs include
• Laboratory demonstrator in colleges and universities
• Making a career out of engineering
• Some more teaching in a local community college.
However, if you want to have a bright and successful career in physics, it is best to study further. A master’s degree in physics is of much more value. People who study PHD are able to enter high level research in both the industry as well as the government. However, since you are just about to begin your career, it is also important to apply to the right colleges to study physics. Here are some of the top colleges in India that offer BSC Physics as undergraduate courses.
• St Stephens College, Delhi
• Loyola College, Chennai
• Madras Christian College, Chennai
• Fergusson College, Pune
• Ramjas College, Delhi
• Hindu College, Delhi
All of these institutions are well recognized and have received high ranking as well. To get a seat in one of these colleges would be a great way to start your career in physics.

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