How Luke Moved to Canada – a Message From Luke

Today is a little bit of a special post dedicated to Luke.

Luke is one of our recent success stories.  He moved to Canada with his wife and daughter a few months ago.
A couple of months ago, after he settled in his new home and got his daughter sorted and got his feet under him, I contacted Luke and asked him to write his story on our blog.
Luke kindly agreed to be our guest blogger because he wanted to inspire others to follow their dream.

move to canada

Luke recently sent us this video because he wanted to add something to his story – a little advice for anyone starting out with their immigration process. He asked us to share this video with everyone, so here it is:

Luke’s message

We’re so grateful to Luke for giving us these gifts, and we’re glad he’s doing well.  Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our clients are living their dream: happy, healthy, and feeling optimistic about the future.  We hope to keep doing this again and again.

Something Special For You

In honour of Luke and his great success, we decided to make something special for you.  It’s a discount, but it comes with a special gift.
I sat down with our top experts and we composed an immigration guide to help you on your process.

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