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This video provides information on the permanent resident card and how new permanent residents arriving in Canada obtain this card. It also covers what to do if you lose or need to renew your PR Card.

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In 2002, the Canadian government introduced the Permanent Resident Card as the identity document for all Canadian permanent residents. Regardless of when you became a permanent resident, this is now the official proof of your status as a landed immigrant in Canada.

In this video, we will explain:
The PR card
The purpose of the PR Card
How new permanent residents arriving in Canada obtain the
PR card
Replacing or renewing PR cards
Losing a PR card while outside of Canada

What is the PR Card?
The new card is a document with enhanced security features making it difficult to forge. The card only serves as an identity document. It notifies Canadian authorities of your status within Canada. PR Cards are valid for five years and can be renewed as long as you meet the residency obligation.

What is the purpose of the PR Card?
A Permanent Resident Card only serves the purpose to identify the person named on the card as a permanent resident of Canada. Some government agencies will accept it so that you may qualify for some government programs like Social Insurance or healthcare. The card, however, is not a travel document. You cannot enter any foreign country with your permanent resident card. You will still need to use your passport and any visa that is required. However, when you enter Canada, you must present your PR card to Canadian authorities.

How do newly landed immigrants obtain their PR Card?
For newly landed immigrants (people who just arrived in Canada as immigrants), you do not have to fill out any application forms to obtain a Permanent Resident Card. A Canadian official will fill out an application for you when you first enter the country. You will have to provide a Canadian address at this point. If you have one, then the officer will send your file to a Citizenship and Immigration office. If everything is fine you should receive your PR Card in approximately 30 days. If you do not have a Canadian address, the officer will send your file to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and you must provide Citizenship and Immigration with a valid Canadian address (a friend’s address is acceptable) within six months. Once you provide this information, you will receive your PR Card. If you wait more than six months, you will have to fill out a new application for a PR Card.

How do I renew or replace a PR Card?
If you are already are a permanent resident of Canada and need to obtain a new, valid PR card (whether you are renewing your status, you lost your PR Card, had it stolen, never received it, or it was damaged) then you must file an application to Citizenship and Immigration. In this application you are expected to give out information about yourself, you residency history, and the reason why you are requesting a new one. The fee to get a new Card is $50.

What happens if you lost your PR Card while outside of Canada?
In this case, you must get in touch with a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in. There, you will make an application for an Emergency Travel Document that will allow you to return to Canada. This document is valid only for your re-entry to Canada.

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