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People can immigrate to Canada by finding a job, joining a family that is already there or by investing in the Canadian economy. Additionally, people who study in Canada can choose to stay permanently after getting a work permit. Refugees and asylum seekers can settle in Canada under specific circumstances.

There are several programs to consider to apply for permanent residence in Canada:

● Express Entry for Skilled Workers and Tradespeople
● Start-up Visa Program
● Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
● Self-Employed Persons Program
● Family Sponsorship
● Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
● Caregiver Program
● Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Once you decide which is the program for you, you can view our videos about that particular application process, as well as learn about the application forms, the fees, and the supporting documents from our website.

Regardless of meeting the specific immigration program criteria, you must also satisfy general admissibility criteria. Otherwise, you may be denied entry in Canada due to inadmissibility reasons, for security reasons such as having committed human or international rights violations, for having committed serious crimes involving more than 10 years imprisonment, for having driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for having participated in organized criminal activity, for medical or financial reasons, for failure to comply with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in the past or just for being related to an inadmissible family member.

Express Entry Skilled Workers
If you want to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry Program you must be able to contribute to the local economy by having skilled work experience. You can immigrate under one of the three federal economic immigration program or under one of the provincial nomination programs:

● Federal Skilled Worker Program
● Federal Skilled Trades Program
● Canadian Experience Class
● Provincial Nominee Programs

If you want to immigrate as a skilled worker under Express Entry, you must prove that you can meet the minimum requirements for one of the programs, including relevant work experience and skills, job expertise, sufficient number of working hours, adequate language ability, and appropriate education. Having a valid job offer is a big help but the biggest asset is to have a provincial nomination.

Skilled workers are given entry to Canada through Express Entry on the basis of the number of points earned through the point-based ranking system applied to the qualified pool of candidates. Only candidates with the highest number of points for all comprehensive criteria are given an invitation to apply for permanent residence status. To see the current acceptable scores, go to our website.

An alternative way to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker is through the Quebec-selected skilled workers program which sets specific immigration criteria for the province of Quebec.

Start-up Visa Program
Businessmen who can prove that they have a fresh start-up idea that can benefit the Canadian economy by building an innovative and competitive business venture can apply to immigrate to Canada under the Start-up Visa Program.

In addition, applicants must prove that:

● The business is supported by a designated organization, such as a venture capital fund, an angel investor group, or a business incubator.
● They meet the the ownership requirements in a way that each applicant holds at least 10 percent, whereas the applicant and the designated organization together hold more than 50 percent of the voting rights in the business.
● They meet the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 language requirements for English, French, or both.
● Own sufficient settlement funds for personal and support of the family members, in amount of minimum CDN$12,300 for one dependant or of maximum CDN $32,550 for seven or more dependants.

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
To be able to immigrate to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, you must have a personal net worth of at least CDN$10 million acquired through lawful business or investment activities and obtain a due diligence report for your worth at your expense from one of the designated financial institutions.

You must also make an at-risk investment of at least CDN $2 million in the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Fund.

Additionally, you must meet the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 language requirement and have completed a Canadian post-secondary degree, diploma or certificate of at least one year, or an equivalent foreign degree.

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