How to Study in New Zealand: Scholarships, Visa, Eligibility, Work Opportunities for Indian Students

Click on this link to watch an Interview with the Director of AUT, Auckland University of Technology, Pamella Miller-Staggers on How to Study in New Zealand: Scholarships, Visa, Eligibility, Work Opportunities for Indian Students
1. Why Study in New Zealand
2. Internship Opportunities
3. Visa for Indian and International Students
4. Work Opportunities
5. Stay back in New Zealand
6. Immigration
7. AUT – Courses available, and unique aspects of the university
8. Student Jobs in New Zealand
9. Cost of Studying in New Zealand
10. Studying Engineering
11. Health Science and Medical degrees – how to become a doctor in New Zealand, doing your medical boards in New Zealand
12. Future streams available for doctors – Masters in public health, masters in emergency management, masters in leadership management
13. Hospitality and Tourism
14. Computer and Information Science
15. Communication Studies
16. Business Economics and Law, MBA
17. Sports Science as a popular degree
18. Engineering jobs, construction management, employment opportunities
19. Scholarships – NZEA – New Zealand Excellence Awards for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
20. Education New Zealand
21. Other scholarships
22. PhD in New Zealand and fee structure
23. Vice Chancellor Doctoral Scholarships
24. Commonwealth Scholarships
25. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand (NZAID)
26. Eligibility
27. Job Opportunities and placements at AUT
28. Indian students finding jobs and employment in New Zealand
29. Indian community in Auckland
30. Living Expenses and Cost of accommodation in Auckland
31. Application Process
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