IMM 5562 – Supplementary Information: Your Travels

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In this form the principal applicant has to list all their travels and their spouse’s and dependants over 18’s travels over the previous 10 years.

Here’s what the beginning of the form looks like:

IMM 5562 travel information

This form asks the principal applicant to list all of their travels over:

  • The last 10 years, or
  • Since you turned 18
  • Whichever is more recent – that is, if you are older than 28 then list your travels for the last 10 years while if you are younger than 28 list your travels since you turned 18 years old.

If you haven’t travelled over this period, tick “did not travel.”

IMM 5562 trips

This information also has to be provided by or for:

  • The principal applicant’s spouse
  • The principal applicant’s dependants aged 18 and over.

IMM 5562 spouse's trips