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Lebanese Emigration 1881-1914


CASAR sponsored a lecture on “Lebanese Emigratioin
1881-1914: How and Why the First Wave Emigration Occurred” by Mr. Raff Ellis on October 20, 2009. Raff Ellis is a prolific Lebanese-American writer of short stories and political commentary. His first full-length book, a memoir entitled Kisses from a Distance, is based in part on over 200
letters, spanning some 65 years, that his mother had saved from family and friends in Lebanon . It was published by Cune Press, Seattle, Washington, and it received an award for excellence from the Arab-American National Museum in the Adult Non-Fiction category. Mr. Ellis received a BS from
LeMoyne College in Pure Science and an MBA from the University of Central Florida, and he is a former computer industry executive with a broad range of experience, including a lengthy stint in academia. He spent his entire
business career in computer-related activities, rising from the position of computer programmer to become the CEO of an Information R & D firm.

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