Mechanical Engineers are Needed in these Canadian Cities

Female mechanical engineer with a blueprint in her hand.
As of 2022, mechanical engineering is the second largest engineering occupation in Canada.

For mechanical engineers moving to Canada, choosing a city with a high demand for your profession will ultimately help you start your career on the right note. Mechanical engineering is growing rapidly in Canada. More and more positions are opening up and soon, there will not be enough engineers to fill them. As of 2022, mechanical engineering is one of the biggest engineering fields in Canada. 

Out of all the provinces, Western Canada has the highest demand for mechanical engineers. Alberta and British Columbia currently have the best job prospects. Ontario, especially the Greater Toronto Area, also offers opportunities for mechanical engineers.

Let’s take a look at the best Canadian cities for mechanical engineers. Choosing which city to settle in is a huge decision. Whichever city you choose will have a big impact on the direction of your career.

1. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal has one of the best job prospects for mechanical engineers in the country. The city offers good wages and a low cost of living for its residents. If you can speak French, Montreal is one of the best, if not the best city for mechanical engineers to continue their careers. If you cannot speak French, however, it will be very hard for you to find a job as a mechanical engineer in Montreal.

Being fluent in both English and French gives you a competitive edge in the Canadian job market. Learning French is a good idea even if you do not plan on moving to Montreal. If you do want to take advantage of Montreal’s great quality of life, then learning French is a must. Even outside of Quebec, being able to speak French opens up more job prospects for you.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Montreal?

An average mechanical engineer in Montreal earns $38.37 an hour. That amounts to $73,823 annually. The starting wage for engineers in Montreal is $28, which adds up to an annual income of $53,872. Senior engineers that are well-established can earn up to $61.54 an hour or $118,403 a year.

2. Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver has secretly been developing into a global tech hub for the past few years. Now, its tech sector can almost rival that of Toronto’s. Unsurprisingly, Vancouver is full of opportunities for mechanical engineers. While it may not offer the best salaries in the country, there are a lot of opportunities for new engineers to grow in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that Vancouver has a very high cost of living. That makes sense when you look at Vancouver’s scenic beauty and excellent quality of life. Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in Canada. However, it can also prove to be an excellent place to start and grow your career. Before you decide to move to Vancouver, make sure to check your current financial condition. The first few months can be hard without savings because of Vancouver’s cost of living. If you are willing to take the risk, Vancouver can prove to be a wonderful place for you and your family.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Vancouver?

The median hourly wage for mechanical engineers is $36 in Greater Vancouver. Working a regular 37-hour week, you would make a decent $69,264 a year. New engineers make around $26.54 an hour while more experienced engineers can make up to $51.44 an hour. That adds up to $51,063 and $98,971, respectively.

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3. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is Canada’s most populated city. It also has the most job opportunities for newcomers to Canada. Among these job opportunities is a place for mechanical engineers too. Toronto is North America’s third-biggest tech hub so it makes sense that mechanical engineers are in high demand.

However, keep in mind that Toronto has a high cost of living. If you plan on living in Toronto, you will have to account for the high prices of rent and housing. Smaller municipalities near Toronto have also gotten expensive in recent years but they are still cheaper than Toronto city. If you get a job in Toronto, you might want to live in a neighbouring municipality and commute to Toronto every day.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Toronto?

Since there is competition between mechanical engineers in Toronto, the city has pretty average salaries.

The median salary for engineers in Toronto is a modest $81,404 a year, or $42.31 an hour. New engineers can expect to earn $26.67 an hour, which adds up to about $51,313 annually. More experienced engineers can earn up to $110,996 annually or about $57.69 an hour.

4. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary has always been a city that embraces technology and looks for ways to improve the city by using technology. That is why it is not a surprise that the demand for mechanical engineers is rising in Calgary. In fact, almost all tech-related jobs are on the rise, as the city looks to expand its tech sector.

Calgary’s economy is very diverse so you will be able to find jobs in many different sectors. Oil and gas extraction, scientific and technical innovation, and machine manufacturing are all sectors in which mechanical engineers thrive. Calgary offers good opportunities for all these sectors.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Calgary?

Calgary offers one of the best wages for mechanical engineers in Canada. The median salary is $94,776, which is an hourly wage of $49.26. New engineers can expect to earn $67,340 or $35 an hour. Senior engineers that have experience in the field can earn up to $147,994 annually or $76.92 per hour.

5. Windsor, Ontario

Windsor has been the automobile capital of Canada ever since the first Ford rolled off the assembly line in 1904. Just across the river in Detroit, lies the automobile capital of North America. As a result, mechanical engineers are in high demand in the Windsor-Essex region. Most of these jobs are tied to the automobile industry. Car manufacturers like Ford and Chrystler have massive facilities in Windsor. Windsor is also packed with small businesses that make car parts. These businesses are always looking for long-term engineers to expand their business.

If you specialize in the automotive branch of mechanical engineering, then Windsor might be the city for you. Windsor was always seen as one of the more affordable cities in Ontario. Over the past year, however, real estate prices in the city have skyrocketed, causing the cost of living to rise as well. Fortunately, Windsor is still much cheaper than Toronto.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Windsor?

Mechanical engineers earn a pretty average salary in Windsor. However, since there are so many industries for mechanical engineers to work in, there is a lot of room to grow and eventually start a business.

Salaries start from $55,507 a year or $28.85 an hour for mechanical engineers. Experienced engineers can earn an annual income of $110,996 or an hourly pay of $57.69. Overall, the median salary for mechanical engineers in Windsor is $78,114 yearly or $40.60 an hour.

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