Using a Career Development Loan to Advance Your Career

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Many immigrants come to Canada each year with dreams of a bright future, bringing with them their talent, skills and experience. But once they arrive, they’re surprised to learn their education doesn’t transfer to the Canadian labour market. They’re left working in underemployment; stuck in “survival jobs” because they can’t afford the cost of Canadian credentials or licensing. If this sounds familiar, rest assured, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are many ways to further your education and finance your Career Success Plan.

What is a career development loan? 

A career development loan is a way of financing training or certification that can help advance your career. Whether you’re looking to stay in the same field or start fresh by transferring your skills to a new career, a loan in Canada can give you the boost you need. This type of financing can cover the cost of:

  • education and training programs, including tuition, textbooks and study materials
  • relocation, and other expenses related to going back to school.

Career development loans are low interest, and offer flexible repayment schedules suitable for newcomers. 

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How a career development loan from Windmill Microlending can help you advance your career

Every year, Windmill Microlending provides career development loans to hundreds of internationally-trained immigrants and refugees. These loans help people who are looking to advance their careers in Canada by going back to school. Once they complete their studies, Windmill clients are more likely to increase their income and secure jobs that match their level of education, skills and experience. 

But don’t take our word for it. 

Going back to school: Gordance’s story 

Gordance Benson Mendez was a social worker in his home country of India before coming to Canada in 2019. He brought with him a Master of Social Work degree from Mangalore University, but was surprised to learn there were different ways of practicing social work in Canada. After registering as a social worker in Saskatchewan, he started working with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, but realized certain courses could help him improve his practice and serve his clients better. With the support of Windmill Microlending, he completed a 3-month program from the University of Toronto. 

“It gave me the confidence to work in Canada,” Gordance says. “I was doing the same thing, but I was able to focus more on my clients and how I could help them in different ways. I know now that what I’m doing is correct.” 

As an adult learner, the experience of going back to school was good for Gordance. He met many people in his profession and made contacts in different parts of the country. They were able to learn from each other and share their challenges throughout their learning journey. “I was able to understand the challenges they are facing and I could share my own challenges. It was a great experience meeting people,” he says. 

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To those considering a microloan from Windmill Microlending, Gordance says:

“It’s very easy to get a loan and the interest rate is lower than traditional financial institutions. Using a loan to advance your education allows you to always have a good career and focus in a particular area. You can be more sharpened in your talent.” 

Learn more about career development loans from Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending supports skilled immigrants and refugees who come to Canada with international training but struggle to resume their careers here. Our career development loans can help you finance your Career Success Plan by covering costs related to going back to school. 

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