What you need to wear for Canada’s winter

winter clothing in Canada

1. A Winter jacket (or three)

no matter where you are in Canada in winter, you are going to need a really good, comfortable, warm jacket. If you are going to spend any time at all doing anything in the snow – think skiing, snowmobiling, skating, even just building a snowman – you are going to need something beyond your average city-appropriate outerwear. The cold lin Canada might be more than you have ever experienced so you really fo need this item of clothing in the winter here. Also, it might be best until you arrive in Canada to buy you winter jacket. The Jackets here are designed to handle the harsh weather that you will encounter during the winter.


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2. Sweaters

Without a doubt, you are going to need a few sweaters for your winter in Canada. While these are fairly easy to buy just about anywhere, I’d recommend going for at least one heavier sweater, preferably one made of wool. These are affordable and can add an extra layer to keep you just that little bit warmer in the winter months. Yes, layers are very important when it gets down below 0 degrees!

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3. Jeans, pants and long johns

You will not be able to wear shorts or skirts at all in the Canadian winter. It will simply be too cold. You will need to pack some long pants so that your legs will stay warm. Long johns can also provide even more protection in the winter. These are worn underneath your pants and can be a really good way of staying warm.

4. A Toque

This is the Canadian name for a woollen hat that can be worn in the winter to keep your head warm. As a large percentage of body heat is lost through your head this is an essential accessory to add to your winter wardrobe.

5. A scarf and mittens

A durable scarf and mittens made of wool, fleece, or another material that is guaranteed to keep you warm. There are many different styles and colours to choose from so even though you are all bundled up, you will be able to look your best.