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6 Things You Need To Know About Opening A Window Cleaning And Property Care Franchise


A window cleaning and property care franchise model is designed for the entrepreneur looking to own and operate a low-cost franchise with high revenue and margin potential. The Aurum business system allows new franchise owners to quickly capture a premium position in their community as the most professional and best qualified, residential, commercial, window cleaning and property services company in their community.

1. Do I need to know anything about house detailing?

Nope! Aurum’s comprehensive training program will get you up to speed! They aren’t looking for window cleaners, Aurum os looking for entrepreneurs, people wanting to start a business on their own. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for business, leadership, and breaking from the norm, you could run your own Aurum Property Service business.

2. How much will I work?

True entrepreneurs don’t mind hustling while scaling their business model for success. You and your employees should expect to work hard and put in the hours required to get your business fully engaged. However, it’s your business, so the formula of, hours in, to profit achieved, rests with you. The seasonal cycles of window and property care can allow for a more flexible lifestyle than many other service businesses. The goal is to create a system that suits your financial needs and allows you the freedom to enjoy life as you deserve.

3. Is the window cleaning industry crowded and competitive?

There are few companies, if any, in this industry that offer the expertise, infrastructure and proven track record as well as Aurum Property Service. Sure there are other players and several “Mom and Pop” operations dotted across the country that provide portions of our service however none are as committed, organized and prepared to offer exactly what Aurum does. Our Professional, Trained, and Respected Window and Property Service Specialists are the first choice of our residential and commercial clients as Aurum are the brand that they can trust and feel safe utilizing. Armed with the state of the art equipment, revolutionary back-end system technologies, professional attire, premium service vehicles, and the “customer is number one” motto, is there really any competition?

4. What territory can I have and what do I need?

Your franchisee will be matched with a region you are familiar with and one that you can build an awareness within the community you are servicing. Aurum have three current franchise models that are categorized as Zone A, B, and C. These zones have varied factors that define them, population, housing and business component, social, geographical and economical demographics, to name a few. Most zones will require 2 of what Aurum call, crews, normally one crew consists of one service vehicle and two specialists with all necessary product and suppliers to perform all the services Aurum offer. Your territory will be reviewed with you and the zone fully mapped out.

5. How many territories can a Franchise operate?

Well, all franchisees will start with one zone (territory) and will have the opportunity to expand if they have properly serviced the needs of their customers within the first zone. Aurum will certainly discuss adjourning zones with an existing franchisee who have proven their ability prior to awarding to a new incoming franchisee. If your structure is sound and business model supportive, opportunity to expand is abundant.


6. How do I generate sales?

Aurum’s in-house teams support your marketing efforts. You focus on local tactics such as lawn signs, wrapped vehicle parking, and direct mail, while Aurum’s world-class Sales Center, online booking engine, PPC, and search marketing programs will help you build your business. It is important to realize a primary component of growing your business will be you and your team’s ability to independently and organically develop your client base within your zones.

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