Accounting Career In Canada: How to Get Started

Continuing your Accounting Career as a newcomer

Experienced accountants that want to continue their accounting career in Canada may find that they are not qualified for the positions that they apply to after landing here. The program provided by CPA Ontario can fast track you through the paperwork and get you the qualifications you need to practice in the province that you have landed in. Many newcomers to Canada have met the requirements in Ontario to practice as an accountant and earn their CPA designation by making particular choices within the CPA certification program.

Registration requirements for public accounting can also be met after certification as a CPA, ensuring all CPAs offering public accounting services meet the profession’s competency standards and the regulatory requirements in Ontario.


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Provincial Regulations and your Accounting Career

The specific regulations and bylaws of the provincial bodies take precedence over the general guidelines and requirements that you may find apply to all of Canada. CPA members are subject to the specific regulations and bylaws of the provincial body with which they have registered. If you are landing in Ontario and hope to continue your accounting career in Canada, then you need to get in touch with CPA Ontario. They have a program specifically designed to help newcomers to Canada to overcome the challenges that you are facing. With your solid foundation of international academics and practical work experience, you’re well positioned to advance your career in Canada and to become a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), lending further credibility to your professional background and positioning you to succeed.


Bridging Programs

Bridging programs are a good way to transition from your international experience and training to the Canadian workplace. Many colleges, universities and immigrant-serving agencies offer accounting related bridging programs. You may be eligible for one. Do some research to find a program suitable for you. Get in touch with CPA Ontario to learn more about how they can help you to achieve your dream of continuing your accounting career in Canada. This program offers occupation-specific language and business culture training to help internationally trained accounting professionals work towards obtaining a Certified General Accountants designation and find work in their field. It also offers placements that provide Canadian work experience.