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Author artist Meena Chopra book launches


Artist and author Meena Chopra. Photo by Jim Wilkes/Toronto Star.

Meena Chopra is a poet and visual artist with an unbridled passion for words, space, colours and forms. Born and brought up in Nainital, India, she worked in the fashion and garment industry, before switching her focus to fine arts and poetry, and later immigrating to Canada.

Now living in Toronto, she writes poetry both in English and her native language Hindi and has authored two poetry books. Newly released, SHE! The Restless Streak is her third collection.  Showcasing both her poetry and art, Chopra’s work reveals the vibrant female force.

Meena Chopra’s new book, SHE!

SHE, the life force, the moving fearless female energy, subconsciously and unknowingly, has always been a predominant part of my art depicting genesis, whether it is in abstract forms, figurative forms or in the forms of verse,” says Chopra.

Usually an abstract painter and a nature poet, Chopra’s works in this book are semi-figurative female forms which complement her thematic poems on abstract female energy. Her poetry has a unique ethereal quality and powerful story like imagery, which engages the reader and the viewer to unfold the mystique hidden behind each and every work whether it is a poem or a painting.

“In SHE! The Restless Streak, Meena Chopra reveals herself to be a true original who combines words and images with grace and dexterity. Her poetry reveals subtle and astute observations of natural phenomena … In her visual metaphors combining the human body with surreal depictions of the human eye she beckons us to ponder the meaning of life. Her words and images together are a gift,” according to Charles Pachter, Canadian master artist and historian.

“My art is my search for the moments beyond the ones of self knowledge. It is the rhythmic fantasy; a restless streak which looks for its own fulfillment! A stillness that moves within! An intense search for my origin and ultimate identity,” says Chopra.

A book launch and art show will be held September 22, 2018, at the Central Library Mississauga (Third floor in the gallery space)   at 1:45 p.m. The art exhibition will run from September 7-30, 2018, during library hours.




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