Docu-series shares diverse stories of immigrants and first-generation Canadians

A new 30-episode docu-series, ‘This Far’, launched on YouTube in early 2020, seeks to give more visibility to the journeys, trials and triumphs of immigrants/newcomers and first-generation BPOC (Black and People of Colour) Canadians.

The project spotlights the success stories of immigrants/newcomers and first-generation BPOC Canadians, inspired by the quote “I didn’t come this far to only come this far”.  

The person behind the concept, who goes by the moniker Borleson, is a millennial who immigrated to Canada from France a few years ago “with the project of creating better opportunities for my life and living it to the fullest.”

Canadian Immigrant caught up with Borelson to learn more about the project.

What inspired you to launch this documentary series? 
I launched this docuseries in February 2020, and it was filmed/produced throughout 2019. The inspiration was giving more visibility to what some BPOC newcomers or first-generation Canadian are (over) achieving in Toronto (or in the Greater Toronto Area) with a local and/or global impact, and their journey (and their parents one whenever possible). All of it to inspire mostly the BPOC youth and anyone thinking about migrating to Canada (or just migrating period), as I myself was inspired by so many people I met when I moved to Toronto.

What is the purpose of these conversations?

I interviewed some successful people (even though I recognize this term ‘successful’ can be subjective), Blacks or People of Color, excelling in various domains such as real estate, public relations, law, software engineering/entrepreneurship, journalism, arts and culture, entertainment, and so on. The purpose of these conversations is to learn about their journey, the (not always obvious) choices they had to make, the difficulties these interviewees had to face (or are facing), how they managed to overcome these hardships, and be impactful in a positive way through the wisdom they gain from all of it. It all shows & proves anything is possible and it is possible to become anything (especially in Canada), no matter where we come from and no matter what society might expect from us.

What are your future plans? 

My future plans for these series would be to take it (the concept) to more diverse cities such as Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Calgary. I also want to create conversations in various places such as schools, youth community centers, and conference rooms with some panelists to discuss immigration, its potential and power and how more resources could be made available to newcomers and the youth (especially BPOC) to create more socioeconomic balance and more success stories.

Some support in the production and distribution will definitely be appreciated as we want to impact as many people as possible, these themes (immigration, success, etc.) being universal.

You can access the series on YouTube here. 

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