Happy Canada Day! 5 things to celebrate

Happy Canada Day 5 things to celebrate

Happy Canada Day on its 153rd birthday! In honour of Canada Day, I asked our team what they celebrate about Canada. Before we get there, here’s a quick summary of Canada Day.

What is Canada Day?


July 1 marks the anniversary that Canada became a country in 1867. On that date, the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada (now Quebec and Ontario)  joined to form a confederation. Since that date, Canada has grown and expanded to include ten provinces, three territories, and a population of 38 million. 

Every year people from coast-to-coast-to-coast celebrate this national holiday. Celebrations include fireworks, picnics, barbeques, outdoor concerts, free events, and special citizenship ceremonies. What better way to say happy birthday Canada?

While our Canada Day celebrations will look quite different this year because of COVID-19, we’ll still mark this exciting holiday. The crowds will be smaller, but Canadians will still honour the true North strong and free with virtual celebrations.

As newcomers who choose to make Canada your new home, we hope that on July 1, you reflect on what you appreciate most about Canada. Maybe you’ll even add a few more reasons to celebrate Canada. 

So here are the top 5 things that the Prepare for Canada team appreciates about Canada!

1. Diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in Canada


Canada has a long history of welcoming and embracing newcomers who contribute to Canada’s cultural fabric. In fact, Canada is the most diverse country in the world. According to Canada’s 2016 census, Canada is made up of 250 ethnicities.

Multiculturalism is a key part of Canada’s identity that enriches our lives and communities. Canada’s greatest strength is our commitment and support of our multicultural mosaic. Canada Day allows people from all walks of life and cultures to celebrate their new home in Canada. 


2. Canada Day in Ottawa


Every year thousands of people gather on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the nation’s capital to celebrate Canada Day. It’s truly a spectacular event filled with day-long activities, free music concerts, and a breathtaking fireworks display at night.

People celebrate on Parliament Hill as well as in many other cities and towns across Canada. While we’ll celebrate virtually this year because of COVID-19, we all look forward to celebrating together in 2021. Canada Day is something to celebrate with pride and joy, and it’s a thrilling experience in Ottawa!

If you have already arrived in Canada, click here to learn about virtual Canada Day celebrations in your community.


3. Canada’s natural beauty and regional differences


Canada is the second-largest country in the world in geography. It comprises five regions and crosses six time zones. 

The five regions include: 

Here are some of our favourite photos of Canada. The vast country offers spectacular scenery as seen from our treasured photos.

From the Canadian Rockies on the West Coast

Niagara Falls in Central Canada

Canada Day at the cottage

and, one of our many pristine lakes!

4. The four seasons


We also celebrate our changing seasons. Canada is not only snow and cold weather. But even during the winter months, there are still many events and activities to enjoy.

The winter, spring, summer, and fall offer a great variety for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, and skating.


Skating at Toronto’s harbourfront



5. Canada Day Citizenship Ceremony


Each year on Canada Day, Citizenship Ceremonies take place across the country.  A citizenship ceremony is a proud event for newcomers and cause for great celebration. And, it’s an extra special event when you’re invited to attend a ceremony on Canada Day!

Taking the oath of citizenship is an important moment for immigrants. It recognizes the years of hard work to achieve your goal to obtain Canadian citizenship. In this photo, our colleague Ryan and his wife share their pride during their citizenship ceremony.

For new Canadians, participating in this special Canada Day ceremony marks a great sense of belonging to Canada’s diverse society. For Canadian citizens who attend a citizenship ceremony, it reminds us of all of our privilege to call Canada home. 

While Canada is unable to host in-person ceremonies during COVID-19, we know this extraordinary event will return. We look forward to the ceremony among the presence of others from around the world in 2021.



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These are just a few of the things that the Prepare for Canada team celebrates on Canada Day! And even though this year brings a change of plans for our usual celebrations, there is still much to celebrate. We hope July 1 reminds you of why you chose to make Canada your new home and what you’ll celebrate. Happy Canada Day!