Health care professionals needed during COVID-19

Health care professionals wanted

Organizations know that health care professionals are needed during COVID-19. So Ontario is increasing its hiring efforts. Ontario launched the online  Workforce Matching Portal to match front-line workers with employers during COVID-19. This portal will help organizations to recruit health care professionals and meet the rising health needs during this pandemic.

More health care professionals will help hospitals, clinics, and assessment centers to defeat COVID-19. And if you are a health care professional in other provinces, you may find similar opportunities.

What health care professionals are needed?


Ontario is seeking the following health care professionals:

  1. Regulated health professionals

2. Health care professionals that are not regulated (such as personal support workers and physician assistants)

3. Health care professionals who have started their training, but have not yet completed it.

4. Volunteers with key skills such as infection prevention and control.

What health care experience is required during COVID-19?


The portal will match health care professionals with a range of experience including:

  • Internationally educated health care professionals
  • Retired or non-active health care professionals
  • Students and volunteers with health care experience.

Premier Doug Ford announced the Workforce Matching Portal and noted that front-line health care workers are performing an exceptional job. And it’s necessary to reinforce their important work to limit the spread of COVID-19.


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Visit the Workforce Matching Portal


So if you’re a health care professional, you can visit the Workforce Matching Portal to: 

  • Provide your availability

And if you are a suitable match with an employer, you will receive an email notice.

While these jobs may be temporary during COVID-19, it’s possible that they lead to full-time positions. Health care professionals play a vital role providing care and comfort to those in most need. So whether you volunteer, or gain employment you will get hands-on experience and provide an invaluable service.