How to Pursue Computer Science – University of Cambridge – Scholarship – Part 1 of 2 #ChetChat

VideoChat with a full scholarship holder, B.S and M.S in Computer Science from University of Cambridge who talks of Job vs. start up, Jobs and Visas in UK, the Start-up environment in Europe, Computer science vs. Computer Engineering, the job selection process at large companies, US vs. UK, the Cambridge interview and experience and much more.
Neil Satra talks of the following
1. Early Interest – 0:26
a. He had a passion to study computer science and engineering from an early age. This passion translated into a cs major at Cambridge University and a career in computer science
b. Comp Sci has mathematical skills, solving puzzles, if you are analytical and self-motivated. You don’t need to have studied CS at school.
c. Computer Science is highly focused on Math and the abstraction of that logic 1:56
2. Cambridge Experience – 2:16
a. Study abroad gives you a new cultural perspective
b. Living and learning, being independent in a new culture expands your horizons
c. Cambridge is a beautiful town
d. Cambridge is surrounded by nature and beautiful cathedrals
3. US vs. UK – 4:28
a. His choices were Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley and Cambridge
b. The scholarship helped him decide in favour of studying in UK
c. The computer science course allowed him to take a minor in psychology and Economics, some law and business.
d. Flexibility on the Comp Sci course in UK can be limited overall
e. The Comp Sci classes had some mandatory components and this helped him understand the basics of courses
f. He wanted to do software and machine learning largely
g. The UK system forced him to learn the fundamentals in the computer science department
4. Supervisions – 8:09
a. The computer science classes are large, lectures have 70-100 people but supervisions or tutorials after every four classes can be personalised and challenging
b. A professor or a grad student takes the supervisions
c. These can be tailored
e. You really need to understand since you have to discuss it with them every week
f. Also there is flexibility in scheduling supervisions as against the US system
5. Visas – 10:55
a. The UK Visa expires within a few months of the course getting over
b. Visa regulations have been getting tightened, largely for the masses
c. Students from top universities get jobs and there are few good universities
d. In the US visa allows working with a large company
e. UK allows a start-up visa if your university signs up your business plan
f. Larger tech companies based in the US are recruiting from UK and Europe
g. Gates Center of Microsoft recruits off the campus itself
h. 3-5 companies apply to advertise at the career fair for every cs student – Cambridge career fair
6. Start-ups in Europe – 12:39
a. UK is encouraging start-ups.
b. Europe is bringing private investors to back the start-ups
c. Private investors are derisked
d. There are big problems to solve in Europe
Host – Chetna Vasishth
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