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How to write a Canadian-style resume? (Video)


canadian-style resume

How to write a Canadian-style resume?

To create a Canadian-style resume it’s always best to start with our Canadian style resume template.

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How should newcomers include their non-Canadian work experience in their resume?

If a job seeker has experience from other countries, list it on your resume, tell what you did in that job, but more specifically tell what the accomplishment was, the achievement, what the result was. Employers in Canada are not interested to learn just the duties of what you did. They want to know what you were able to accomplish and what the result was. Did you save the company money, did you increase sales, did you create a new system that was beneficial for the organization or the clients? That’s what employers want to see on the resume.


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How should newcomers include their volunteer experience in their resume?

If you have a volunteer experience in Canada, put that on your resume. Employers are going to be interested to learn about the work that you’ve done, and what experience you have in Canada. If the work is related to the job that you’re applying for, put it down as an assignment, put it down as a project, tell what you did in that volunteer work; tell what you’ve achieved in that volunteer job. Employers want to know what you have done while you have been in Canada, that you have been actively engaged in the Canadian workplace and the Canadian community. They want to know that you are an action oriented person and you are doing things to help your career and help the community at large.

What format to use for a resume?

One of the best formats acceptable and appreciated by employers in the workplace in Canada is a chronological resume. This is a resume that will list in descending order, telling what you’ve done. So as an example, from 2010 to 2013 I worked at this organization, from 2006 to 2010 I worked in that organization.  Download free Canadian style resume templates.

How should newcomers target their resume for every job they apply for?

When applying for a job look at the job description, determine what are the skills and experience that they are looking for in that particular job, then evaluate what you have to offer for that particular job. Do you have a specific experience and skills that match the job description? Once you’ve determined that you have that skills and experience, indicate that on the resume and tell what you’ve been able to accomplish. In other words, when an employer looks at your resume they will be able to determine this candidate has the exact experience or relevant experience for the skills and experience that they are hiring for that particular job.

How should the resume be emailed to the employer?

I would suggest that all job seekers send their resumes and attach it to the email when sending it to employers. I would also suggest that the resume should be included in the body of the text of the email. That way, when the employer receives the resume and the email, he or she can decide if they want to open the document or if they just want to look at it in the text of the email.

What is a Canadian-style resume and how to write one? Should you include your volunteer experience? Career consultant Brian Epstein talks about writing a Canadian style resume; what format to use and how to target it to different jobs.

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