How to get PR Visa to Canada Express Entry

Immigration to Canada from the UK


Are you interested in immigrating to Canada from the UK?

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Why hire an immigration firm to help with your immigration to Canada?

The immigration application process can be very difficult. These days, the rules and regulations make it increasingly difficult to qualify for a Canadian visa. Whether you are applying for Canadian permanent residence or temporary residence, it is essential that your application is handled properly from start to finish.

The last thing you want is a refused case. Knowing where to file, what documents are needed, and how to respond to government requests, is a key part of the application process. The biggest mistake we see causing refused applications is the lack of experience in handling immigration cases.

About Visa Place:

All our cases are handled by competent and experienced immigration lawyers who belong to our VisaPlace Immigration Group. These are independent, licensed and award winning Canadian and U.S. lawyers who adhere to the highest standards of client service. VPG lawyers are all trained to be very responsive and they know how to deal with government officials effectively in order to maximize outcomes for all visa applications.

At, we have mastered the skill to follow a complex workflow in an efficient and effective manner.

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