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Success Story: Ndumiso – Prepare For Canada


Ndumiso is another great example of a newcomer working hard to find the career he wants in Canada through determination and creative thinking. Read on to learn how Ndumiso found his chosen career in telecommunications.

After moving to Canada from Swaziland, Ndumiso received his telecommunications diploma. Finding work after graduation, however, was not easy. Frustrated with online applications that never resulted in a response, he decided to go directly to the reception at a telecommunications company and ask where the employees who had the job he was looking for parked their trucks.

The receptionist indicated the correct parking lot and Ndumiso parked nearby to see if he could meet an employee and get some tips about finding employment. After a few conversations with the men as they left their trucks, one person told Ndumiso,

“Ask for my supervisor – tell him I sent you.”

Equipped with both the employee and the supervisor’s name, Ndumiso went back to the reception and requested a meeting with the supervisor, who came out surprised thinking he didn’t have any interviews that day.

The short story is that Ndumiso gave his pitch, the supervisor liked his resume, set him up with an interview and Ndumiso was hired within the week. It is this kind of initiative that can really help you to get ahead in Canada.

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