Jobs Available in Canada: The Growing Biotech Industry

Jobs Available in Canada

If you are a medical, health or science professional moving to Canada and you have biotech credentials and related experience, you may have the skills to work in Canada’s bio-economy. Labour demand for jobs like
research scientists, clinical research associates, laboratory workers, and other positions in sectors such as bio-health, bio-energy, bio-industrial tech, and agri-biotech – are growing. The jobs available in Canada for this industry are plentiful.


The Jobs Available In Canada

An industry study showed that 53% of Canadian bio-economy companies report skills shortages within their workforce. 19% of those companies reported having immediate openings that could not be filled, and 40%
stated that this situation was having a major impact on their businesses (BioTalent’s Sequencing the Data Report, 2013).

Newcomers to Canada are a key source of talent as employers seek to meet their hiring needs. Arrive prepared with FAST and start achieving your career goals. Completing FAST gives you access to the BioSkills Recognition Program which allows you to showcase your abilities to Canadian biotech employers. Ming Chen was one participant who has benefited from the FAST program. With the differences in work culture between her home country and Canada, she did not know where to begin in her job search.

Through FAST, she gained a better understanding of the Canadian workplace and the jobs available in Canada. She had a clearer perspective of common barriers to employment and how to overcome them. Soon after, Ming got her BioSkills recognized by industry professionals and received her BioReady designation.


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When she landed in Canada, she was referred to a biotechnology employer in British Columbia and was then offered a position as a Research Technician in their company. Like Ming, you too can have a head start in your biotech career.

Why register for FAST?

  • Gain a better understanding on Canadian workplace culture and expectations – before you even land
  • Get access to many jobs available in Canada
  • Receive industry-specific information and know where to start in your job search
  • Connect with E-Mentors through our online sessions and webinars
  • Receive FREE access to the BioSkills Recognition Program (Valued at CAD$200)
  • Preparation is key to successful integration. Start planning for your career transition in Canada


You can register for FAST if you:

  • Have been approved for immigration to Canada but are still in your home country
  • Have two or more years of experience in your field
  • Have good English communication skills
  • Have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access