Looking for a job in Canada made easier with the Government’s Job Bank App

Employment Opportunities in Canada

Canada is currently experiencing significant job growth across the majority of its provinces. As more jobs are becoming available, and unemployment is the lowest it has been in ten years, there is increased demand across the country to fill up jobs. One response to this demand is the recent increase in Canada’s immigration targets for the next three years, targeting skilled workers to join the Canadian economy. Through the Express Entry immigration system, skilled workers can gain permanent residence to Canada in just a few months, and work in Canada’s growing industries anywhere in the country.

Search for Jobs From Anywhere in the World

The Job Bank App was developed by the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), and is designed to make searching for jobs in Canada faster and easier than traditional methods of blindly scanning the web. The app is bilingual in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French, and helps Canadians look for jobs based on what is happening in local job markets.



Benefits of the Job Bank App

Since the app’s quiet delivery to the App Store in February of this year, it has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and has already seen 438,000 job searches. The App hosts some popular features for users that could not be enjoyed from searching online:

  • Search and Alert features – allow you to filter jobs that directly apply to you and your experience, and to be notified when similar jobs become available
  • Customized job searches that represent the diverse skill-sets of workers in Canada
  • Use of geo-location, to limit your job search to specific places in the country
  • A favourites list to return to for future applications
  • It’s free and secure!


The Job Bank App speaks to the government’s goals of integrating newcomers into Canada’s economy faster and more efficiently. A mobile app allows anyone with a cell-phone, regardless of location, to get information on where the jobs are in Canada, what sectors they are in, and what pay you can expect for diverse jobs across the country.

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