The consciousness gap in education – an equity imperative | Dorinda Carter Andrews | TEDxLansingED

In this talk, Dorinda Carter Andrews challenges us to consider how gaps in critical consciousness and mindsets for adults and students in schools prevent us from providing equitable schooling experiences for all students. Specifically, Carter Andrews urges educators to consider how increased critical consciousness about the role of race and culture in teaching and learning can be fostered through educator professional development and student curriculum and can ultimately strengthen teacher-student relationships. A shifted focus on closing consciousness gaps can address the equity imperative embedded in the larger discourse about achievement gaps.

On February 11, Dorinda received the MSU 2014 Outreach Scholarship Community Partner Award for her collaboration with school districts to close achievement gaps. Further, on March 1, she received the Alumni of Color Achievement Award at the 2014 Alumni of Color Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dorinda Carter Andrews is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University where she teaches courses on racial identity development, urban education, critical multiculturalism, and critical race theory. Dr. Carter Andrews is a Core Faculty member in the African American and African Studies program and a Faculty Leader in the Urban Educators Cohort Program, a program designed to prepare MSU pre-service students for teaching careers in urban contexts.