Top 5 mistakes immigrants make when creating a LinkedIn profile

So many newcomers connect with me on LinkedIn. I feel bad about not accepting someone who sends me an invite and lives in Timbuktu. Perhaps if they sent me the reason they want to connect I may have accepted the invite. This got me to thinking, what are the top 5 mistakes newcomers make? Here they are:

1. Using an unprofessional photo on your LinkedIn Profile


Not at a bar, or at a cruise. People want to hire you to work! Choose a professional headshot and practice your smile!

2. Not providing enough information on your location


Okay, so you are in Canada. Where? Recruiters and companies do not want to waste time, so let them know if you are in Toronto or Vancouver so you get a ‘bite’.


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3. Not enough detail in your professional experience


So many immigrant profiles have names of companies that may be huge back home, but hold no relevance in Canada. Talk about what it is you did, accomplishments and measurable achievements.

4. Trying to use LinkedIn as just an online resume


A LinkedIn profile stands out with recommendations from bosses and peers. You can use LinkedIn as much more than just an online resume. You can network and forge connections that will make you much more attractive to employers. Make a concerted effort to get recommendations and give your own,  giving a good recommendation is a great way of getting one!

5. Not using the Summary to create interest in your profile


Resist the impulse to put in job titles and talk about your field. Research other profiles before creating yours. The summary should be a hook to attract potential employers.
Above all, do keep in mind that creating your LinkedIn profile is not something you bash out in a few minutes. Dedicate the time and effort and it will pay off!

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