Why You Should Start Your Process Now

Making the decision to move to another country is not easy at all.  If you’re here and you haven’t started your immigration process, you’re probably dreaming of moving to Canada but you have concerns.  We’ve already told you about how we can help with difficulties such as finding work, finding a home, and getting your family to move with you.
If you’re still undecided, it might help you to learn more about Canada’s plan for immigration all the way up to 2020.

The first thing we can tell you is very encouraging.  Canada plans to invite 980,000 people to become permanent residents by the end of 2020.  Those numbers are among Canada’s all-time-highs, which means immigration policies are at their most lenient, and chances are at their highest.  If  this was a stock-market, the time to buy would be now.

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You might be thinking that if you wait longer it’ll get even easier, but it’s not as simple as that.
980,000 is a very big number, revealing how open and inviting Canada is.  Which it is, there are some things you should remember.


Is Canada Really as Open to Immigration as it Seems?


As much as we love Andrew Rannells and his enthusiasm, that’s not accurate.  The answer to that is yes but also no.
One thing you need to bear in mind when you see a number that large is that this number is spread across a large variety of immigration programs.  With dozens of immigration programs currently running, more programs constantly in the works (this one, for example) and the dynamic nature of immigration policies, the numbers don’t seem quite as large.

The second thing to remember is that the number is also spread across several years.  So if you were to do the math, you’d be able to see that while Canada is open and inviting, it’s also bringing in immigration in a slow and controlled stream in order to ensure better integration in Canadian society and easier adjustment for the newcomers.

It sounds like a lot of difficult math, and no one likes math.


Let’s get into the actual numbers.


Express Entry

Canada plans on inviting 242,100 candidates through the extremely popular Express Entry program.  This number doesn’t apply solely to the general program, but to all the provincial programs that have streams attached to the Express Entry program.
You can read more about the Express Entry in our latest Express Entry update, and in our recently published guide on securing an invitation via Express Entry here.

Provincial Nominee Programs

The Provinces will continue to run the Provincial Nominee Programs, each with its own requirements.  These programs are scheduled to settle 183,800 people in Canada by 2020.  For our  clients who wish to apply for one of the PNPs but can’t be sure which province is the best one for them, we recommend checking out our PNP section where you can read about each of the programs.  You can also find all the in-demand professions in each of the provinces to help you decide.

Family Programs

Canada plans to accept 265,500 family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.  That means spouses, common-law partners, dependent children (children up to the age of 22), parents and grandparents.  The best thing about this is that if you have family in Canada and they have a PR card or a Canadian citizenship, you have a specialized immigration stream where the competition isn’t as stiff.


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Other Forms of Entry

Besides all these programs, Canada will continue its humanitarian efforts and settle 137,350 refugees and 12,250 humanitarian immigrants.

In total, Canada will have granted permanent residency to 310,00 candidates by the end of this year, to 330,000 in 2019, and to 340,000 in 2020.  According to Canada’s Immigration Minister – Ahmed Hussen, these are the most ambitious immigration goals in Canada’s recent history, and they are supported by both the government and the overwhelming majority of the Canadian people, according to recent surveys conducted across Canada.  The surveys show the faith of the Canadian people in the contribution made by immigration to Canada’s economy and diversity.


Please sum up, Mr. Hussen