2016 Gothenburg Keynote – Providing Best Healthcare During the European Refugee Crisis


Dr Alexander van Tulleken, Academic Director and Helen Hamlyn Senior Fellow, The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, Fordham University; USA
Dr Anders Björkman, Vice President, Médecins du Monde Sweden and Professor of Infectious Diseases and Senior Doctor, Karolinska Institutet; Sweden
Dr David Montes, Bentura Paediatrician volunteer, MdM Spain
Dr Hanna M. Ingelman-Sundberg, Medical volunteer and board member, MdM Sweden

Providing Best Healthcare During the European Refugee Crisis – Mobilising Health And Care Support Services

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimated that over a million people entered Europe’s borders by sea in 2015, the largest mass migration of people since the Second World War. Médecins du Monde (MdM)/Doctors of the World has been caring for Syrian migrants and refugees since the early days of the Syrian conflict from refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, reception centres on the Greek islands to clinics and mobile units in European cities including Stockholm.

This session will share learning on delivering health services to the most vulnerable across the migration route. We will present our analysis of the pan-European experience of access to healthcare for migrants and the challenges of meeting the needs of refugees and migrants arriving in Sweden.

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