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In today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive marketplace, employers expect employees and job applicants to demonstrate a dedication to keeping pace with the latest advances and practices in their industry. Northeastern University has programs that offer the adult professional the conveniences of an education tailored for today’s workforce: flexibility, choices in delivery and locations, and programs aligned with emerging and innovative fields. Northeastern University has been designated by the NSA and Homeland Security as a Center of Academic Excellence in IA/Cyber Defense, Cyber Operations, and IA Research. So, you can get an international education, right here in Toronto!


Experiential Learning

Northeastern’s leadership in experiential learning—the integration of classroom study with professional experience—provides a strong foundation for the university’s expansion to new regions, including Toronto. Northeastern is making the virtual classroom more dynamic, connected, and real by integrating the professional workplace into its online and hybrid degree programs.


Online Programs

Northeastern offers more than 100 online degree and certificate programs. The university’s portfolio of online graduate programs—in business, government, education, healthcare, leadership and management, and science and technology—is among the largest of any private research university in the U.S. View their entire online portfolio here.


Graduate Certificates

Northeastern offers graduate certificate programs—online and on-campus—aligned with industry and career demands, enabling Toronto working professionals to keep pace with the latest advances and practices in their industry.


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These certificates—comprised of four to six graduate-level courses—are “stackable.” Students can steadily build out their knowledge and skill set to take their career in the direction that works best for them. And if they elect to pursue an advanced degree after successful completion of a certificate program, course credits may be transferred to a related Northeastern master’s degree program. Learn more.


Hybrid Programming

Northeastern faculty members in online- and hybrid-based programs integrate their deep theoretical knowledge with strong professional experience. Using the technology tools that have made online education a rich learning environment, they draw from a wide array of resources that enable students to apply new knowledge directly to the problem-solving needs of the workplace.

Their degree programs are designed to let each student choose from online and hybrid learning options. They make every effort to offer courses in a variety of formats; however, enrollments determine course offerings from term to term.

Northeastern’s hybrid format—the blending of online and classroom learning—offers students the best of both worlds: the flexibility and convenience of online education and the personal, faculty and peer interaction of classroom-based programs.