What’s So Special About Our Service?

Life isn’t easy and you dream of a better life and better future.  You know Canada is a different world.  It’s safe, it has free healthcare, excellent education, and friendly people.
It’s a wonderful place to raise your family, or just live a peaceful life.  You know moving to Canada would be perfect.  But the process is expensive and long, and it’s not always clear what’s necessary to complete the process.
You don’t want to spend all that time and money just to get it wrong.  You want to know that your application is the best it can be – no mistakes, no flaws, no reasons for rejection.

So you look for help.  You look for someone who can guide you and make sure you have everything set up correctly for your application.
You look for someone who can highlight your strong side and get you the best result.


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Canada is so Far!

You can’t go all the way to Canada to meet up with your consultant, so you need the next best thing.  Or something just as good.
That’s why we developed an online service that is available for you 24 hours per day, every day.  It is available anywhere in the world.
It is like having an immigration expert in your pocket!

Developed by Jane Sherman – our head of development – this is the latest in immigration innovation.  But what exactly is this service?

The Benefits of Our Service

The 3 main benefits of our service are:

1. Extra Value

You don’t just need a visa or a work permit.  You need a job.  You need a suitable home.  You need solid ground under your feet.
This service is an all-stop-shop. We don’t just help you with your immigration process.  We retain experts on housing in Canada and on the Canadian job market.
Adjusting to a new country can be overwhelming, so the least we can do is offer help with the big things.


There’s a lot to think about



2. Availability

Wherever you are, whatever time it is – we’re here for you.  Your time is precious and you can’t be chasing a consultant around.
Contact us any time online and get the answers you need.  Keep track of your immigration process any time from anywhere.

3. Innovative System

Our system won’t just get you in touch with your immigration expert instantly.  Our system is the most advanced immigration system in the world.  It enables our clients to manage their own immigration profile and stay up to date on their process, as well as receive updates on immigration news.  It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to move to Canada.


“This system is the result of several years of experience in the field of immigration. I’m so proud of our team of experts for this accomplishment. It is the strongest tool a candidate can have and I know it will bring many more success stories.” 

-Jane Sherman, Head of Development

Over 26,532 Clients Already Love Our Service



A Little Treat for You

We have a little gift for you.  We made a beginner’s immigration guide.
It won’t give you all the answers about your individual situation because every case is different, but it will give you some starting information and help you get started.

  • It was composed by our experts and backed by their experience and knowledge.
  • It contains tips and tricks for a better immigration process.
  • It will help you avoid common mistakes people make in their immigration process.
  • You can share it with anyone who’s considering immigration to Canada.
  • It’s completely free, no strings attached.

Here is your ebook: