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Working In Canada: How to Get Started Before you Arrive


A lot of newcomers to Canada are unaware that there are a great many pre-arrival services designed specifically for immigrants to Canada.  They can help newcomers to Canada learn all they need to about the working culture here and even connect them to jobs in the industry that they are looking to join.  The best part is that they are free as they are funded by the government of Canada.  Taking part in these programs can make a huge difference as you hope to be working in Canada very soon.  Settlement Services are a huge help to newcomers when they arrive in Canada.

When you are planning to start working in Canada as soon as you land in Canada, these pre-arrival services cannot be ignored.  They offer a lot of information about life in Canada, how you can find work and even how to access a great deal more services that are aimed at helping immigrants to Canada find work.  Some of these working in Canada initiatives are aimed at helping immigrants gain access to specific professions and industries.  They have employer connections so that you can be introduced to a potential hiring manager before you have even left your home country.


The British Columbia Construction Association Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) program provides newcomers with the opportunity to get pre-arrival training that will help them to find work in Canada and connect them directly with employers.  Also, the team at BCCA-IN will work hard to ensure that you are on the right path to getting the career that you want.

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Examples of pre-arrival services include

The British Columbia Construction Association Pre-Arrival Training Program

The British Columbia construction industry is projected to have upwards of 25,000 construction jobs available due to a lack of skilled labour in the province.  For this reason, the Canadian government has funded this program geared to getting skilled workers into employment that matches their skills.



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