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Your Next Home Could be in this Canadian Paradise


In our attempt to help you move to Canada and choose the perfect place to settle in Canada, we love talking about big cities, bringing you places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. We also talked a lot about Quebec for our French speaking friends.
All these places are undoubtedly appealing.  However, a new analysis of happiness surveys across Canada shows that people who live in small towns are much happier.  Thus we decided to introduce you to some of Canada’s most charming and appealing small towns.  You may not even know these places exist, and you really should.  So welcome to our series about the best places to live in Canada: its smaller towns.

This time I’d like to introduce you to my personal favorite:

The town named BANFF!

OK, first Banff fact: it has a very cool name.  One syllable that takes all the air out of your lungs.  Due to its special regulations, it’s one of the tougher places to move to, but much like most things in life – the tougher it is to do, the greater the value.
You can find Banff nestled up in the Rockies in Alberta, as a part of Banff National Park.  It was settled in 1880, as the transcontinental railway was built through the Bow Valley.  In 1883 several railway workers found the hot springs located on the side of Sulphur Mountain, and soon after – in 1885 – Canada began to promote the town as an international resort and spa.  In 1887 the town and surrounding area were named “Rocky Mountain Park”. This was the start of Canada’s National Park system.

The town is named after Banff, Scotland – birthplace of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1884.  The name of the town was lent to a crater on Mars in 1976.  In 1985 Banff National Park – which includes the town – was declared a World Heritage site by the UN.  Currently, the town’s population comes in at just under 9000 people, and a little over 2000 households.  The town’s economy is based heavily on tourism, so if you’re looking for a job in Canada and have tourism experience – imagine the joy of living and working in a picturesque resort town on a charming mountain.

Tell your friends! Banff is an amazing place!
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